News Writing

I came to the University of Utah knowing exactly what I wanted to major in, however one semester later I changed my major as many undergraduates do. I decided to steer myself in the direction to be a an event planner, which meant a communication degree. One of the first prerequisites I had to take was, Intro to News Writing. I didn’t really understand why I had to take this class if I was going to be an event planner. I signed myself up anyways, mainly because my adviser told my I had to. I had no idea that the information I would get from that class would benefit me in other areas of my life.

Before taking Intro to News Writing, I knew very little about news writing at all. I have always felt fairly confident in my writing skills, to put it lightly I was humbled after taking this class. I realized there is a big difference between writing and news writing. News writing has different rules and structures than other types of writing. I may not ever be a professional journalist, but the knowledge I learned in this class will intertwine with my other studies and throughout my life. While taking this class I have become comfortable writing about my opinions, but also writing on a neutral side. This course has taught me how to write with adjectives and paint a picture for the readers. I feel like I have more knowledge on different forms of writing which I feel like can only help in my future endeavors.